First Baptist Church in Swansea

The Oldest Baptist Church in Massachusetts

All Are Welcome at First Baptist Church

First Baptist Church of Swansea is an American Baptist Church.

As an American Baptist Church;

Our Commitment is to the BIBLE
Our Commitment is to the LOCAL CHURCH
Our Commitment  is to MISSION
Our Commitment is  to SERVICE to Our Local Churches
Our Commitment  is to EVANGELISM

,Our church was organzied in 1663 by John Myles.
Following in the tradition of the original congregation we hold open communion every first Sunday of the month, and all are welcome.
Our current minister is Rev. Debra Lee.
We are proud to have Linda Spoolstra as the first female minister in our 362 year history in 2014. Ms. Spoolstra was also the first female Executive Miniser of The American Baptist Churches of Massachusetts, TABCOM

The American Baptist Churches of Massachusetts, TABCOM explains what an American Baptist Church is in the following link;

Although both American Baptists and Southern Baptists have their roots of existence through Roger Williams, that is in all likelihood where the similarities begin and end.  The following link explains what it is that Southern Baptists believe.