A Rich Heritage of Toleration

Founded by Welsh Baptists in 1663, First Baptist Swansea is the oldest Baptist congregation in Massachusetts, and one of the oldest in North America.

Our original church covenant, which spells out our founders’ intentions, is researched by scholars and has been printed in books.

Our History is Still Very Much Alive

We take the radical spirit that these Welsh Baptists brought with them into the 21st century by holding fast to our values.

In the 17th century, few congregations practiced open communion or believed in a system of congregational governance that left matters to individual congregations, but that didn’t stop John Myles and his stalwart crew from making the journey across the Atlantic Ocean. Like our forebears, we strive to have the courage of our convictions.

Our traditions and customs continue to emphasize religious freedom coupled with community responsibility.

A caring congregation that recognizes the challenges of living in the 21st century.

We together strive to make our venerable Baptist faith relevant and appropriate for families today.

We invite all those who seek to find the support and encouragement of a spiritual home to visit us and be included in our fellowship.

Pilgrims on their seeking journey are encouraged to experience both the intimacy and openness of our congregation.