Confronting Issues that Matter in the 21st Century

Church is not a place where you should check your rationality at the door.

We encourage dialogue with the Bible as a text that still speaks into our lives, but that does not mean literal interpretation in all instances.

Instead, we see the Bible as a campfire around which we gather for conversation, healing, guidance, and fellowship.  In gathering around this campfire, we confront the issues that matter most for 21st-century Americans – gender, sexuality, the economy, justice, fairness, race, etc.

Bound Together By God’s Love

The church is not an enclave to retreat when our world becomes confusing. Instead, it’s a “home-base” of sorts where we get to work out how to deal with these 21st-century problems.

Church is a place where we can come to figure out how God might be moving us to respond to these events in our lives, and while we might not all agree, we are bound together by God’s love and a commitment to being in community and dialogue with one another.

This dialogue also carries over to sermons on Sunday morning. Our pastor, The Rev. Michael Woolf, is always open for conversation about his messages, and delights in the multitude of viewpoints that we have in our congregation.

If you’re used to being “talked at” in church, then First Baptist Swansea might surprise you with how open it is to conversation!