All Are Welcome

At First Baptist Church in Swansea, we pride ourselves on carrying forth our founders’ radical heritage into the 21st century. We often hear that we are not what people expect when they hear the word “Baptist.”

We feel the church has often fallen short of its mission to make God’s welcome explicit to all people, and we strive to embody that welcome as much as humanly possible.

Embracing the leadership and contribution of all of our congregation.

People of all races and orientations are welcome to be a part of our family. Many members of diaconate (an important governing body of the congregation) are women. In fact, our first female Pastor, Rev. Linda Spoolstra, was also the first female Executive Minister of the American Baptist Churches of Massachusetts (TABCOM).

As one of the first congregations to practice open Communion (since our inception in the 17th century), all people, so long as they profess a commitment to the Christian journey can partake at the Communion table. Communion is served on the first Sunday of the month, and we hope that you join us.

We recognize as valid all baptisms, so long as those who were baptized consider them meaningful. We will also baptize by full immersion those who desire it.