Bicentennial Historical Sketch

J. J. Thatcher’s Bicentennial Sket of Our History: 1863

Found and photographed by our former pastor, Rev. Charlie Hart.

I recently found a copy of this very interesting document in the Trask library, Andover Newton Theological School. I was previously unaware of its existence. It was written by one of our pastor’s from the early part of the 19th century and includes thoughts about some of our congregation’s early struggles. Not all of its content is accurate, but it brings clearer focus on our first two centuries. It was published by the congregation for our bicentennial in 1863. Thatcher was the pastor when our present meeting house was erected in 1848.

About a month after I discovered it at ANTS, Dr. Esther Luther Campbell brought a an original copy to the Swansea Historical Society Meeting. Trusting it to my care, I immediately scanned it and offer it now in digital form for all to read and enjoy!